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Small Business

A very scalable and easy to use employee award and monitoring software with reporting, filtering and surveillance features. This provides full control over your employees activities and award them when they perform well. Designed for small networks with 3-50 PC's.


A powerful solution for monitoring & award corporate work time with enhanced security and scalability. This employee award system software is a perfect fit for companies with 50-2000 employees.

Jobuddy is a company for healthcare management for employees of hotels, workshops and other organizations. We have a wearable device which is a a wrist band for health care industry with connected device management application . The arm bands are built with integrated biometric sensors for wellness requirement. It offers wellness to everyone. Wellness management is the term applied to corporate programs that help employees balance the needs of their work, lives and the employees' own mental and physical health. . Implementing a proactive approach toward good health has benefits not only for your employees, but for your organization as well. The jobuddy system keeps track of points for you & your employees. Jobuddy helps for better employee monitoring and thus awarding the well performing employee.

The datas that are collected from the wrist band are monitored using Jobuddy thus keeping track of the health of the employees in the organization. The employers can monitor the health of the employees like the number of steps they walk, calories of food they have taken, the activities they are doing etc. Based on these activities they are given points and rewards like if they stay fit they are given bonus in the salary or complements from the company. Thus Jobuddy is a complete health monitoring system in an organization and provides wellness to the employees.

Wrist band

SmartBand helps people keep track on their physical fitness by simply wearing it on their wrists. This health and fitness band helps us to calculate step meter more accurate, easily calculates the calories, and also does all-round monitoring of human movement.

Jobuddy is rewarding!

The jobuddy system keeps track of points for you & your employees.

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